Secret Service - Training

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Secret Service - Training

Who thinks training at secret looks like a day at James Bond, is mistaken.

Career with the German intelligence service

The secret service in Germany is an authority, which is also called the Federal Intelligence Service (BND). The Office is responsible for gathering information about the political situation of the FRG in Germany and abroad. Furthermore, the Federal Intelligence Service procured information on military issues and with respect to the security of the FRG.

  • The recovery of the data passes through various ways: the secret operations, through the observation of the communication flow of postal and digital data as well as by the About Brin addition of information by respondents.
  • In addition to obtaining information, the BND also advises the government in foreign policy issues, supporting the Bundeswehr missions abroad, working in the crisis unit of the Foreign Office with and mediate in international, humanitarian negotiations.
  • For these tasks, various training courses are offered at the BND, but also always wanted professionals.

The training at the BND

  • At the German secret service people are employed in different disciplines. This means that you can work in a discipline in general at the Federal Intelligence Service with a university degree, assuming there is a place available. But even with a doctrine and as a freelancer employment is possible.
  • With a master's or master's degree, you can start a career with the BND, which is comparable to the higher civil service. With a Bachelor degree or diploma, the career is comparable to the elevated service and with training with the central service.
  • If you want to get an education as a secret agent or informant, you can also apply the BND agents for school. At school you learn how to get out without being noticed information from people, deliver messages unobtrusively and which on contact with the target person is important for safety with respect.
  • In addition, various teachings, as well as a dual degree program offered at the BND. With a primary or high-school diploma, you can make a turn in the administrative or technical field. With high school qualifications a lesson in management computer science or management is complete. In addition, a dual degree in engineering is possible.
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