Section Description Bob - DIY advice Cutting friends

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Section Description Bob - DIY advice Cutting friends

The Bob is a versatile haircut.

This speaks for a Bob

The Bob is a classic haircut, which can be varied to suit your mood with simple means such as gel, hair lacquer, tiara or hair clips.

  • This is a low maintenance haircut: Over wash and air dry, you must not do.
  • The hair is long enough that you can use it to make an updo.

With a cutting specification, a Bob can easily implement.

Section description for the pageboy - Here's how

  1. Clarify how long the Bob should be, and if a pony is desired or not.
  2. Most is a Bob about chin-length and with bangs.
  3. Read the section description in its entirety before you begin.
  4. For cutting the hair should be wet; best wash them before.
  5. Pull a comb a center parting, even if the finished Bob to have a side parting.
  6. Comb the wet hair and put the guard hairs on the top of the head firmly.
  7. First cut the hair at the center back to the desired length.
  8. If you drag the side hair to cut back, cut to the strand that you have already cut, and the same length, the Bob on the sides is slightly longer than the back.
  9. Then take a part of the highly infected guard hairs and cut them to the same length as the already cut hair. Combing it every strand of hair before cutting well.
  10. If you cut all the hair in the same length, comb again everything. To detect irregularities in the section, for example a longer streak. Cut away everything interferes with the straight base line of Bob.
  11. For a pony, comb all bangs hair forward and cut a straight pony.

If the hair is dry, the pony has more status and thus acts shorter. Cut prefer something less clear; recut You can still.

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