Secure Search Engines - 3 anonymous seller

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Secure Search Engines - 3 anonymous seller

Thanks to search engines to find specific information in the network.

MetaGer as popular alternative to Google

Among the anonymous search engine in this country is best known MetaGer. All servers are located in Germany and you stay with the Search on warranty anonymous because MetaGer stores neither IP addresses nor cookies. The safe search succeeds thanks encrypted connection and anonymisierendem proxy server. The website of the search engine, however, is at first somewhat confusing, as we know it from the top provider Google. However, this is a small price for their own safety.

Also popular among the search engines is Ixquick

Ixquick has its headquarters in the Netherlands and also cares effectively the privacy of search engine users. There is no tracking cookies and no Recorded IP address. Additionally Ixquick uses additional security features, such as the work by proxy. Who wants however to make detailed searches, should advance to make personal settings. For Ixquick requires JavaScript. All personal data is stored, unfortunately in this case as cookies.

YaCy is a safe choice

Among the known alternatives to Google also counts YaCy. This safe choice offers more privacy, because here your requirements is processed completely without a central server. This is made possible because YaCy uses the P2P principle (peer-to-peer). Here, the advantages and disadvantages is also: you must install before using YaCy to get a local YaCy proxy. Do not be afraid this effort, then secure searching should then perfectly anonymous.

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