see international game on the Internet legally - how it works

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see international game on the Internet legally - how it works

You can watch matches live and legally on the Internet.

pursue international match at ARD and ZDF

All matches of the national football team, whether friendlies, qualifiers or encounters at European and World Championships will be broadcast live on ARD or ZDF television.

  • There are also long been the service that all Internet users get asked a live stream on the respective web site, through which they can follow the matches live on the Internet.
  • Not only the matches of the German national football team, but also the other nations in major tournaments or matches other sports such as handball, you can live on the Internet partly at ARD and ZDF.
  • For that you only need to start the program in which the international game is shown, click on the website of the TV station on the Internet, in the game in the Free TV is transmitted.
  • There is then directly on the home page, the reference to the online live stream, which allows you to directly track live on the Internet, the international game.

Football on the Internet at Sky

  • Another possibility is the reputation of the games on Sky Select the Internet. To do this, just to the side of Sky and choose among the games offered.
  • If multiple games are running on a game once, you can also view conferences on the Internet. The only downer when watching internationals on Sky Select: It costs. You must purchase the stream for the live game on the Internet commercially.
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