Seiko 5 Sports Automatic stops suddenly - what to do?

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Seiko 5 Sports Automatic stops suddenly - what to do?

Motion keeps Seiko running. pixel_horst / Pixelio

Features of Seiko 5 Sports

  • The 5 Sports Automatic Seiko is a robust watch that is water resistant up to 10th The entire movement is simple and robust. It is therefore unlikely that the clock has a defect if it suddenly stops.
  • Since the Automatic has no possibility of manual winding, it can be mounted only on movement. If the clock stops, then, it is probably because she was not moving.

Help when the Automatic stops repeatedly

  • It may happen that a very quiet people do not move enough to wind the watch. If you 5 Sports Automatic store at night and have your Seiko a very sedentary old day, not rich your activities to keep the clock going. If you spend, for example, hours on the PC, you are the clock can not move enough.
  • Get used to, to shake hands with the clock from time to time something that should be enough. Remind yourself with a timer on it.
  • Because every person moves in sleep, you can assume that your Seiko will never stop if they are wearing the watch at night. The bracelet of the watch is well tolerated by the skin, because it does not matter if you wear the Automatic during sleep.
  • If you absolutely do not want to wear at night hours, you buy a watch winder, this ensures that your Sports 5 is moved at night and so by holding the day.

If they should use anything that is rather unlikely, the watch has a damage probably. Consult the warranty period to the seller or the manufacturer. If you have no guarantee, also a watchmaker can see by the clock.

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