Seizure-free allowances - so make a request to increase

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Seizure-free allowances - so make a request to increase

To put the request to increase the amounts exempt from execution, is not so difficult

  • A seizure is then considered if the debtor is unable to satisfy claims of the creditor.
  • First, the attachable part is to be calculated. This is calculated based on the monthly net income. Furthermore, there is a table in which the attachment exemption limits are set.
  • However, the amount of seizure-free allowances is also dependent on the family members.
  • This seizure table starts with € 989.99 net per month as exempt from execution. That is, regardless of the family members no income may be seized.
  • The garnishment limit is € 3,020.05. This means that over this limit, all amounts are subject to attachment.
  • In principle, it is possible to make a request to increase the Pfändunsgfreigrenze under § 850 f ZPO.

The procedure for application to increase the amounts exempt from execution

  • Let calculate your local social security office to your living needs, while you need, among other things your lease, proof of maintenance obligations, your earning certificates.
  • Once the calculation is present on the part of the social services office, you can submit a request to increase the amounts exempt from execution at the district court. The responsible enforcement court is the district court in the district where your residence is located.
  • If your income is seized by a public authority, you must submit the application to the competent administrative authority.

For further questions, you can be on your debt advisor. Accurate seizure table can be found online. The attachment exemption limits apply from 1 July 2005 to 30 June 2011th

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