Select plants for planting rings

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Select plants for planting rings

The Clematis You can put in planting rings along the wall.

Finding suitable plants

  • Share your desired plants a respect to their natural growth in categories.
  • Use vines or hanging growing plants for concealing the bucket.
  • High growing plants you can turn complement ideally groundcover.
  • Divide the candidate plants in color groups.
  • In this way later produces a harmonious overall picture.
  • Make possible hardiness.
  • This allows frequent repotting, avoid a real stressor for flowers of any kind.

Basic equipment for planting rings

For planting rings stone plants adapt as the houseleek or the blue cushion that blooms profusely, very good. Even low perennials like Columbine or the hardy "Viola columbine" you should move to the more choice. Do you like it green, you can plant different grasses or sedges that may block the pots.

Herbs can also be an excellent drag and arrange in planting rings. Thyme has beautiful flowers and herbs like rosemary smell wonderful.

Plants for different uses

In planting rings for circumnavigation terrace you can plant as eye-catcher for example, daffodils or tulips. On building walls rather are vines. Please choose fuchsia or the twining clematis, you can used in a large planting ring and provided with trellises use as a privacy screen.

For slope stabilization or fencing you can use concrete-maintenance plants such as ivy or alyssum, in heavy stones. A herb garden can be applied at ground level or raised bed with rosemary or basil in plants stones.

make planting right

Fill first planting snap planting ring in the bottom third with gravel. Next, you should use the garden or potting soil that is best for so fertilized, as your plants need it.

For planting put your flowers with sufficient distance from each other into the ground and arrange them visually appealing. Observe the tolerance of plants to one another: roses go as a next daffodils or tulips.

Sensible tall plants such as roses or tulips can stabilize by planting ground covering plants such as verbena, do so.

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