selling duck - so protect your garden pond

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selling duck - so protect your garden pond

selling ducks from the pond

Material for expelling ducks

  1. In small garden ponds is often sufficient a folding rule to calculate the required material. Measure for the longest and the widest part of your garden pond from and you know how wide and how long must the Pond protection net.
  2. The orbiting meters you need a wooden stake of about forty centimeters long.
  3. The wooden pole you need about eighty centimeters binding wire to fix the power thereto.

Attach Pond protection net

  1. Depending on the size of your pond, you need this help. Beat with a hammer every hundred centimeters around the banks of your pond each a wooden pole a.
  2. Now include the end of the network to the wire the post permanently.
  3. Now the safety net over the pond to be thrown. This is good if the pond is quite small. If your pond is larger, the net around the pond must be done. This requires an auxiliary power the grid on the opposite side hold, since the network would otherwise slip into the water.
  4. Bind continuously the power to let into the Ufersaum wooden stakes.

Your pond is now protected and approaching wild ducks no longer feel invited to rest on your pond. In addition, your fish population from access of gray herons is now protected.

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