Semi Synthetic - simply explains the term

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Semi Synthetic - simply explains the term

The biochemistry deals with synthesis.

What is the synthesis

  • Imagine the synthesis as a kind of chemical process before, in which from certain substances or compounds new materials or new material compounds. The total synthesis here means the production of a natural product without the use of those intermediates which arise during biosynthesis.
  • In chemistry, this means certain molecules react with each other to create a far more complex compound as the starting compound, which is no longer to break down into its component parts.
  • In biology, on the other hand, the means, especially in biochemistry and physiology of living beings, you can remember as a decomposition method of individual parts of the whole organism, which are finally isolated and recombined the synthesis.

Semi-synthetic and fully synthetic substances

  • Suitable semisynthetic substances They recognize natural compounds which are converted to another compound. This is done either by the addition of other man-made materials or by the chemical modification of the material base.
  • Synthetic fabrics They differ insofar the semisynthetic that they do not establish different direction than described above on a natural basis, but are completely manufactured.
  • In terms of drug you can think of the process as follows: Morphine, for example can be converted into heroin by putting acetic acid dehydration. That method makes the heroin to a semi-synthetic drug, because its base is a natural with the morphine.
  • Semisynthetic plastics win similar which by modifying natural polymers such Zellulid. By nature artificially based plastic compounds on the other hand you describe as synthetic or fully synthetic.

If you may continue to be interested in the topic you are advised only to relevant literature from biochemistry. Although the production of synthetic and semi-synthetic materials is a quite complicated subject, but it is interesting all times.

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