send a letter by registered mail - these are the options

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send a letter by registered mail - these are the options

Important documents are always sent by registered mail.

Why are letters sent by registered mail?

  • The dispatch of letters as registered mail is a special form of the letter dispatch. In normal correspondence, the sender sends against payment of postage going a letter to the recipient.
  • In letter sent by registered mail to the sender obtains a record of postage. This can turn out in many different ways.
  • Important are such evidence for all contracts where you are tied to a specific period. So should be made by registered mail in general all types of terminations (employment, housing, health club, subscription, etc.). On the deposit receipt, to contact a registered letter, the date is recorded, so you can prove in doubt, which was sent on time.
  • Since this type of shipment is a special service of Deutsche Post, and additional costs to the regular postage be charged.

These variants of writing has the German Post

The aim of writing, it may be that a letter or postcard with signature to the recipient or an authorized recipient is delivered. There are different possibilities:

  • The personal writing the letter delivery to a specific person, which must confirm the receipt of their signatures.
  • The registered mail does not require the recipient's signature. The German postal guaranteed but to have served with you ausgehändigtem deposit receipt the letter.
  • When mail with return receipt must the accepting recipients acknowledge an acknowledgment of receipt, which is sent back to the sender by mail. so get back a confirmed directly by signature receipt of your letter.

On the deposit receipt a transmission registration number with which you can follow in the pages of Deutsche Post the status of your shipment online.

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