Send AU-certificate by mail? - Find out the medical certificate

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Send AU-certificate by mail?  - Find out the medical certificate

Unfortunately, a presentation of the AU only email is not enough.

The medical certificate (AU)

  • The medical certificate used to validate the fact that a worker due to illness is not able to provide the work contractually owed performance. Often the question arises whether it is not enough to send the employer this certificate via email. Unfortunately, this is not quite as straightforward as one might think at first glance, because the certificate is not only to demonstrate the actual disability to the employer.
  • Also, the right to sick pay in case of illness depends on the worker of his obligation to immediately inform the employer has complied. Here, the employer must be informed of the expected duration of the incapacity for work immediately after learning of the disease. The medical certificate itself shall be submitted not later than on the fourth day of the disease in the original, with the employer also may require earlier detection.

The certificate may be presented after return

  • If the employer is obliging, he will agree to a rule so that the employee brings the certificate of disability after recovery to work.
  • But be careful: you have as an employee is not entitled to such concessions! Therefore Talk to proceed beforehand with your employer now and ensure you are in doubt that the certificate either by post or by a relative will be promptly available to the employer.

Email instead of post?

  • Again, the employer chooses. In many companies, it is now common practice to submit the medical certificate by email and then submit the original to return.
  • Here is recommended to seek the input of the email confirm shortly and submitted also definitely right after returning from the inability to work the original.
  • However, a pure template email is not enough, the certificate must always be presented in the original.
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