Send SMS from phone booth

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Send SMS from phone booth

In public telephone booths, you can not only make calls. Also, the SMS transmission is possible.

Since 2004, you can send from most public telephones Telekom short messages. This service works in both traditional telephone boxes, as well as in the so-called telestations without wind and weather protection. Visible are the SMS-enabled phones on Telekom stickers with an instruction manual and the text "Phone and SMS", which can be read on the display of the telephone.

Texting from public phone booth? - Thats how it works

While it is somewhat awkward - but a text message You can also send from a public phone booth of Telekom.

  1. Pick up the handset.
  2. Take the money or push a phone card. Currently, an instant message costs 15 cents (as of May 2014). Please note that you will not return money in the event of payment; However, you can also versimsen a possible residual credit.
  3. Press the SMS button. With newer payphones see this slightly larger button directly below the display on the far left. She is also featured on the display with the name "SMS" and a small arrow on the appropriate button. For older telephone box, first press the button showing a right-pointing arrow in a square bracket. These arrow-and-bracket key, see the second row from the top on the right. On these older phones, you still have to push the "R" key in the bottom row on the far right.
  4. You will then be prompted to enter text. Your message enter as on mobile phones with the numeric keys that are marked with letters. Starting with the number key 2 corresponds to each digit three letters, just the number 9 corresponds to the last four letters of the alphabet. For the letter "A" press once on the numeric key 2, for the "B" and twice for "C" three times. A fourth press to select the number key corresponding number.
  5. The space you get on the "0" key. Special characters can be found on the far left on the star button in the last row.
  6. Your text will appear on the display. If you make a mistake, you can delete your text with the "C" key.
  7. When you have completed your text, you need to give your Okay. For this purpose press with new cell phone again the leftmost key directly below the display. In older models, enter your Okay with the arrow and clip button
  8. Then you are asked if you want to send your message as a text message on a phone (mobile or landline), a fax or an e-mail address. For older phones, press 1 to send your message to a phone. With newer models you choose the larger row of keys immediately below the display, the second button from the left. This is marked accordingly on the display.
  9. Now you can enter the recipient's phone. To send you must press the SMS button under the display or the arrow-and-clip button again.
  10. now appears on the display first, "Wait" and the message for successful delivery of your message "OK - SMS sent".
  11. Now your message has reached the recipient. The sender is a public telephone booth is noted - recognizable by the symbol "öTEL", the code of each local network and a multi-digit number series immediately before your text. Additionally appears as Sender's phone number, the number series 11430th It is not possible that you enter your own phone number as the sender.

Send SMS as a fax

You want your text message rather send a fax? This is also possible from public telephones.

  1. First go as above to paragraph 8 described before.
  2. When prompted on the display after the delivery of your short message, press for sending to a fax machine in older Telefonhäuschen also the number key 1. For newer payphones press the row of keys below the display, the third button from the left. It is marked accordingly on the display.
  3. With newer payphones Telekom you can even select different Faxvorblätter. For a German Faxvorblatt first enter the number 99 and immediately afterwards the area code and fax number. When an English Faxvorblatt select the number 98. Should it be a congratulatory Form? This is also possible through the input of the number 97, but only domestically.
  4. In modern telephone booths, which have a slightly larger row of keys below the display, select the second button from the left for a German Faxvorblatt. About the third button to get an English Vorblatt. The Glückwunschfax you get to the fourth button from the left.
  5. For shipping Finally press again the third button from the left below the display or in older Telefonhäuschen the arrow-and-clip button.

Send SMS messages to an e-mail address

If you want, you can send your message even to an e-mail address.

  1. Proceed as above in turn to Paragraph 8 described before.
  2. Select delivery service "E-mail address". These press in older payphones number button 2; with newer models select below the display, the fourth button from the left.
  3. You will then be prompted to enter the e-mail address. This is done via the numeric keypad. The @ symbol can be found when repeatedly pressing the asterisk key. If the e-mail address has a point, you must repeatedly press the zero key.
  4. Finally press to dispatch, in either the fourth button from the left below the display or in older Telefonhäuschen the arrow-and-clip button.

A little patience you'd need if you want to send an instant message from a public phone. But it works and is a good anchor when the phone sometimes fails.

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