Separation Treaty distinctive design - so it'll work

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Separation Treaty distinctive design - so it'll work

A separation agreement saves a lot of trouble.

Control points in a separation agreement

  • If you separate, usually draws a spouse out of their apartment, leaving it to the other for further use. Then rules on common household items, the stay of the children and the configuration of the access rights are usually necessary. In addition, the question arises as to maintenance for the children and a spouse, to a system for the subsequent period will be taken in connection with the divorce.
  • Put best early determine who in the event of separation must leave the apartment.
  • Rules Also, which parent the child should reside. The access rights of the other spouse should resign detail while writing down the exact times.
  • The breakdown of the household, divided into individual objects can facilitate later discussion considerably.
  • Finally, you regulate the separation maintenance in an amount which exceeds the minimum statutory claim, because a waiver of separation maintenance is not effective possible. You can at any time higher than the statutory maintenance agree.

Notarize necessary consequences of divorce

  • Some items can not be controlled effectively in a private written separation agreement, but require notarization.
  • So you can control unlike the statutory matrimonial property regime an agreement during the marriage only by notarial deed. In addition, agreements on the transfer of property, maintenance after divorce or the Versorgungsausgleich always require the notarial form.

In order to save an expensive and time-consuming court proceedings before the divorce, it's best to at the beginning of your marriage set up a well-designed separation agreement, which covers all the key points for you. If your spouse will not should adhere to these agreements, you are in a dispute with the written agreement at least in a favorable negotiating position and evidence.

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