Serve Whisky properly - Instructions

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Serve Whisky properly - Instructions

Typically American: Whiskey on the rocks.

So you can serve whiskey

  • First of all, you have to distinguish important whiskeys, namely Irish and Scottish, the "whiskey" is spelled and American "Whiskey" in which an "e" is the word.
  • Traditionally, Irish and Scottish whiskeys at room temperature, so as you take the bottle out of the living room shelf, drunk. In this way, the tongue receiving the special flavors of the whiskey well. Cold Whiskey can - just like ice cold red wine - the taste buds respond to the tongue only slightly. Also noble German brandies are so drunk at room temperature.
  • If you want to dilute the whiskey something the Irish and Scots adapted accordingly only bog water it. Alternatively, of course, choose soft water, which should also be at room temperature.
  • The American Whiskey is "on the rocks", so traditionally drunk with some ice cubes in the glass. Whiskey is also found in many mixed cocktails again.
  • From Trinkart the glass choice depends. Whisky was more of upward narrowing, rather small glasses to drink, so concentrate the flavors. American whiskeys are drunk from typical bourbon glasses halbhoch correspond about our water glasses. The glasses are relatively wide to accommodate the ice still can. In addition, in such glasses of whiskey ice cubes lapped quite well.
  • The available with us whiskey glasses correspond more to the American type, and are therefore suitable for "on the rocks". Do you want to enjoy an Irish or Scotch whiskey pur, you should use rather small and high brandy glass in favor, although many will see this as not authentically. The thin glass test tubes for fruit waters are suitable.
  • Faced with the problem of how you should whiskey because serving now, you can also leave your guests a choice yes. Ask the whiskey bottle room warm, ready ice in a bucket and hot water in a small glass jar on the operation.
  • A particularly funny and still the flavor to Good Coming glass for whiskey is not flush, but kugelt diagonally across a located in the bottom center increase. Since it is easy to narrow upwards, it is also suitable for the Irish or Scottish Trinkart. These glasses can get not only in typical pubs, but also order example on the Internet.
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