Service Assistant at the dealership - content and training

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Service Assistant at the dealership - content and training

You can earn more content after training for service assistant at the dealership.

The salary of a service assistant at the dealership

  • You should know that the content of a service assistant at the dealership is freely negotiable.
  • It is difficult to make an average salary statement because vary the values ​​from town to town and state to state strongly.
  • You can earn 2,300 euros gross after training and after the training.
  • Note that you do not make money during the training service assistant, but must bear cost of learning materials and accommodation themselves. In addition, fees for courses and exams apply. However, the amount is always different. advance from the relevant provider Ask for the best.

So the training runs after training

  • Service Assistant at the dealership accepts various activities in selling true, maintains contact with customers and perform minor work on the car. Thus the expert can take care of the maintenance and is relieved somewhat. Check the cooling water, add oil gradually replace light bulbs or charge the car battery. The migration of the customer cars also one of the tasks.
  • Who wants to be service assistant at the dealership, first requires a completed training in an auto technical training, this can be a training for automotive service technician or vehicle mechatronics. Then you have to pass the technical access test successfully. It is also important that you have previously worked in a technical trading company. Your employer must be the manufacturer or importer who has a certificate and thus go through with the test.
  • The course lasts a maximum of ten months, takes place in vehicle workshops or training centers. For the cost you should first put aside some money from your salary.
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