Set heating controller optimally - so succeeds's

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Set heating controller optimally - so succeeds's

The heating controller should be optimally adjusted.

Modern heating systems are usually equipped with a precisely adjustable control technology. On heating control various settings can be made. To make each setting, the reading of the manual is most needed.

To set the heating controller an energy saving

  • The flow temperature of the heater is adjusted in most cases, an outdoor sensor each temperature. The dependence of the flow temperature of the outside temperature can be adjusted on the heating controller. The expert says that the heating curve is adjusted. In poorly insulated houses the heat curve must be slightly increased, so that the rooms are sufficiently heated.
  • On heating controller but can also the so-called night mode can be set. The amount of time you should adapt to your habits. For example, use the evening to sleep at 22 o'clock, the night setback can already begin at 21 o'clock 30th In the morning the normal temperature should be reached again for half an hour before getting up.
  • If you experience daytime nobody is in the house, of course, does not need the entire apartment to be permanently heated. In this case, you can during the day to set a lower flow temperature.
  • In modern heating controls to adjust separate periods for night set for the weekend. During the night, the flow temperature can be reduced by about 5 degrees.
  • If your heating system is equipped with a hot water heater, this is controlled via the heating controller. You can set the times at which you need hot water and how hot it should be. Normally a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius is sufficient.

Most heating controllers are somewhat awkward to use. Should Adjust while not be sure it's worth it in any case, a technician before you pull. An expert requires more than 15 minutes to adjust the heating to suit your needs. The resulting expenses for wages save by optimum setting fast again.

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