Set votes for text output - Balabolka

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Set votes for text output - Balabolka

Help with visual impairment - Language Programs

Balabolka on your computer

So you have decided to install the Text-to-Speech program Balabolka on your computer. Enjoy these benefits:

  • Balabolka is a program for speech output, so you can use it to any text read aloud by the computer.
  • You do not need help and no personal reader who surfs with you on the Internet.
  • The voice that you read aloud, you can change, so you can choose to have pleasant voices ever.
  • You do not have any text file with every call to convert from Balabolka in new language itself. Save yourself with the program just the language files in the desired voices from.
  • To have gained a bit more independence and privacy back.
  • The text files can be adapted also in font and background color - for those who can not see.
  • Consider the program easily to the desired language and voice and then listen to.
  • Balabolka is freeware, there are no charges.
  • There is also a portable version that you can pull on the stick, thus you remain mobile and can Balabolka use on any other computer.

Adjust the votes

Balabolka is only available for Windows. Therefore, the setting of the vote is the same for all:

  • Select the desired language from 20 options.
  • Discover all the possibilities of the languages ​​by clicking> Voice selection Control panel> Text-to-speech.
  • The voice output You can control it by using a start-pause-stop button as music or video files.
  • The speech itself can be regulated in Balabolka the so-called "system tray" made, which can be found at the bottom right. The program uses information Microsoft Speech API (SAPI). Therefore, it is advisable to install this if necessary.
  • Change, the speech rate and the amount of votes, so you can follow along easily and get it read aloud in a pleasant for tone frequency and rate of speech.
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