Set as homepage - so it'll work with Firefox

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Set as homepage - so it'll work with Firefox

Create your own home. is a portal, where you will be informed about everything. You can also build an e-mail account, read news from the world, playing games, shopping or watching videos. In short - the possibilities are almost limitless. If you are traveling on this portal often, you can set this as home, which is quicker at the latest information.

Setting the Home for Firefox

  1. To set a Home in Mozilla Firefox, first open the Internet browser as usual.
  2. Use the address bar in Firefox then call on the site
  3. At the top right in the web browser of the address bar you will see a small icon that looks like a house. Left before the address bar you can also see an icon that belongs to the website of This drag is now with the mouse on the icon with the house.
  4. You will then be asked if you really want to set as Home this page. Confirm this question with 'yes'. Now is your home page in Firefox.

easy call

  • Now, when you close your internet browser and reopen will be displayed as homepage automatically. This happens every time you connect to the Internet until you change the home page again.
  • Surf straight to other sites on the Internet and want during your session switch to your home, you do not need every time to close the browser and reopen. Just click on the top right with the mouse on the icon with the house and will take you straight to

So easy you can specify as homepage in Firefox. Have lots of fun with it!

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