Setting control for underfloor heating properly - how it works

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Setting control for underfloor heating properly - how it works

Check the control of the floor heating.

An underfloor heating system brings several advantages. There are no unsightly radiators in the room and the heat is immediately evenly distributed. However, the disadvantage is the somewhat cumbersome adjustment of the control.

So the control of the floor heating should be set

  • Underfloor respond to changes in control always somewhat sluggish. That is, a change in the flow temperature affects mostly only after several hours of.
  • Another feature underfloor heating is that they can not heat with high flow temperatures. , The flow temperature above 40 degrees Celsius, it is very uncomfortable on the feet.
  • The aforementioned aspects you need to consider when setting the control. This is particularly true for the night setback.
  • Set the timer for the night setback can be set so that the lowering of the flow temperature starts two hours before the scheduled temperature change. That is, if For example, setting the night setback to 20 am, you will hardly feel a change in the room temperature to 22 PM.
  • Of course you must also heating up again prefer two hours. The only way for you to ensure a comforting warmth.
  • It's still a rumor that a night reduction in a floor heating system should not be set. The floor may be damaged by the frequent changes in temperature. That's true in any way. A change in temperature of a few degrees does not damage the floor.
  • In the control of the floor heating, you should adjust the flow temperature at 35 degrees Celsius. Higher temperatures are perceived as very unpleasant.

Although it may seem a bit cumbersome, so you should make anyway familiar with the control of the floor heating. In times of high energy prices, no energy should be wasted.

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