Setting as search engine - how it works

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Setting as search engine - how it works

The search engine can be changed .. Thorben Wengert / Pixelio

Set for address field

Sometimes it happens that some programs that install automatically change the default search engine of your browser. You will notice this then usually only later. By default, Firefox uses for keyword searches Yahoo.

  1. Of course you can specify as your favorite search engine. Given give up in the address bar of your Firefox first set up the line "about: config" and then press the Enter key.
  2. Following opens a new window where you will see a warning message. Click the "I'll be careful, I promise!" Button to proceed with your amendment.
  3. Now enter the edit next to "filter" the word "keyword" and click the left mouse button on the entry "keyword.URL". Replace the value of the edit with the following characters: "" and finally click "Ok"

Switch The search engine in German

  1. It happens that for the search box of Firefox while Google is defined as a search engine, but here resorted to the English version of Google (.com). In order to change this in, proceed with the command "about: config" in turn the adjustment layer of Firefox.
  2. In the Filter field the value "Browser.fixup" and change by double the value of the entry "browser.fixup.alternate.enabled" to "true"!
  3. When listing "browser.fixup.alternate.suffix" change the value of ".com" in ".com" to. From now on, Firefox will use in his quest to

All changes can be undone if the very same way. Make a note to the original entries that replace, and add them easily again instead of a change.

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