Setting up Autostart under Debian

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Setting up Autostart under Debian

edit autostart for Debian

What can be implemented easily on adding programs to the Startup in Windows, must be made of the recording of the corresponding command in the startup file under Debian. Here you have to distinguish whether the program or the service to start depending on the user or directly to the system startup. The entries must be in the directory "/etc/init.d".

Commands for autostart

  • To start programs or services on the Startup Debian, type in the directory "/etc/init.d" the command "start" and the indication of the program a.
  • About "stop" programs are closed and using the command "reload" programs can be restarted. In addition, other parameters can be entered, for example, to automate an update.
  • Most programs are automatically stored in the startup. Should this not be the case, a file is created, at least, which can be configured manually appropriate.

Auostart commands under Debian

  1. The simplest command for autostart under Debian is the entry '/etc/init.d/[Name the program] start ". To ensure that the program is properly closed again by shutting down the computer, the "Stop" command should also be deposited.
  2. If no corresponding script exists, this can be created entirely by yourself. In the directory "/etc/init.d/skeleton" is a template file, which according to your program can be customized. This then copy the directory "/etc/init.d".
  3. Now you just have to set the so-called "run level". These are divided into paragraphs. The "0" means that the program is stopped and not restarted. The "1", the system starts only minimally and is ideal for the maintenance mode. Insert the "2" finds the program or the service is fully started and can be used freely by all users.
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