settle computer from the tax - how it works

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settle computer from the tax - how it works

save taxes with the computer.

write computer at purchase price of 488 EUR

Expenses for items that you purchase for practicing your profession or a commercial activity, are tax deductible. Are you subject to, you can make the VAT as input tax.

  • Are you not entitled to deduct VAT, increase the amounts of input tax the acquisition and production costs. They then fall under the related expenses deduction or be written off with the net purchase price.
  • does not exceed the net purchase price of EUR 410, - or 488 EUR gross (19% VAT), you may deduct the cost of your computer immediately and in full as business expenses from tax. In the language of the system, it involves minor assets.
  • When asked whether the amount of 410 EUR and thus exceeded only the depreciation must be taken into consideration in it depends on whether the computer can be used by itself. Only then it is treated for tax purposes alone. but Buy technically coordinated items, such as computers, keyboard, mouse, printer, extra hard drive, you need to combine all parts and get away with it for the amount of 410 EUR.
  • To prevent, you should seek exhibit for each items individual invoices.
  • Create other hand for your system a computer as a substitute to, you can drop him to EUR 488 gross immediately full. but Buy a protective case for 3.50 EUR to computer and protective case are to be assessed as a unit. The consequence is that you have to divide and write the total purchase price of 491.50 EUR to the useful life.

settle Higher working tools over Afa from tax

  • Computers and other work equipment which cost 410 EUR net / 488 EUR exceed gross, you must divide the useful life of the computer and write. The resulting annual depreciation amount then set off as a business expense. One speaks of the "Afa".
  • The useful life of computer is set to the fiscal depreciation table for 3 years. This results in a depreciation rate of 33 1/3% per year.
  • The amortization of the cost over the useful life may be better for you if you earn as a result of unemployment or loss of one year only slightly. Then, the purchase price may be lower than 410 EUR and are amortized.
  • It is important in each case that you are a year with your advertising costs above-related expenses of 920 EUR. Example, if you want to sell your computer from the control and write: Purchase price EUR 600 depreciation amount for each year of three years: EUR 200. Do you want to make the cost, however prefer the full amount claimed, your new computer may only cost 410 EUR net / 488 EUR gross.
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