sew costumes myself - For groups

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sew costumes myself - For groups

Funny costumes belong to the carnival.

Funny ideas for groups - Carnival costumes

  • Ideas for fun groups - costumes there are many. Costs should be kept as low as possible and making the costumes should not be too expensive, so that can join all group members.
  • Whether your group is large or small, you should of course take into consideration the fact of what kind of carnival your groups - should be carnival costumes.
  • If your costumes are meant for the street carnival, you should make sure that you are warm enough, or that you can wear enough warm clothes among the costumes.
  • Are your groups - carnival costumes intended for an event in the hall or a pub, you should include not sweat.

Groups - Carnival costumes ,, Cow Herd "for the Rose Monday parade

Quick and easy to prepare and to do are quite cost groups - costumes ,, cow herd ".

  1. Take per person, a once - Painters suit with long sleeves and hood from the hardware store.
  2. Paint now with black Plakafarbe well distributed Kuhflecken on the white painter suit. Carnival costumes already finished - This is the largest part of your group.
  3. Hang or put your clothes aside to dry. Until the color has dried, it takes about two hours.
  4. Paint on a sheet of white paper in the form of a cow's udder and cut out the shape as a mask on. Also the shape of the ears, you should sketch out and cut as a template on paper.
  5. Place the stencil on pink felt and draw the stencil carefully after. You need two ears and an udder per cow costume.
  6. When the paint has dried on your suits, you should spray the black spots well with cheap hairspray to fix the black color.
  7. Now sew down the udder and the ears of the cow costume. To check the proper fit, you should put on the suits and baste the prepared pieces of cloth in the suit.
  8. For makeup you primed their faces with white carnival makeup. Then paint with black eyeshadow also Kuhflecken on your face. Finished are your groups - costumes ,, Kuhherde "

Carnival costumes for groups - so you dress up as Alphabet

Since the alphabet is known consists of 26 letters, there may be a problem, because the groups that choose this carnival costumes, certainly include hardly exactly 26 people. Possible solutions:

  • If the group is small, you can solve the problem by each person represents several letters. You can, for example, decide that the front side is a letter and the back of the following, so for example, the front and rear A B. separations as A too - D, E - F etc. are possible. You can combine all the vowels to a costume and choose the consonants as individual costumes.
  • If your group is larger than 26 people, then you complement the costumes by umlauts. You too can make use of for the punctuation. Huge groups may call upon even the upper and lower case of the letters.
  • Basis of the costumes should be either black leotards or long black or dark green robes or ponchos. So groups are to blackboards later.
  • If each person in your group needs to represent only a single letter, then complement them by a symbol, like a learning alphabet. The A then transmits a bathing cap or hood on his head, on an apple can be seen that B a banana.
  • Since it can be done in a group repeatedly that individuals fail during an appearance and these may need to be replaced by others, you should make sure that the costumes without problems can also be worn by other people. So the question mark can easily replace the B if this fails. Because leotards are to replace bad habits than you should attach the letters and symbols with Velcro to the suits.
  • Pick out a nice script as a template. Enlarge each letter on A4 or better on A3.
  • Transferring the outline of the letters on white felt. Cut out letters and attach them to the suits or robes. You can sew the letters, glue or provided the back with Velcro and attach them to the carnival costumes frieze.
  • If you still want to install symbols, then paint it on a piece of felt the size 15 x 15 cm. Attach these symbols to the carnival costumes.
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