Sew Mario Bros costume itself - so you manage a fancy costume

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Sew Mario Bros costume itself - so you manage a fancy costume

For Super Mario Bros you need blue overalls.

To sew the costume for Mario

Super Mario from the Mario Bros is in his blue overalls and the red shirt is a simple, to be implemented costume.

  1. Sew from blue jean or blue denim overalls. Select for a normal trouser cut and sew the front and rear a large short bib on. Both are connected by straps that are attached, such as with buttons or clasps.
  2. From red fabric sew a simple long sleeve. This is done most easily with a raglan cut, because so save yourself the fitting of the sleeves balls. A Raglanshirt consists of a front portion and a rear portion, both of which are measured by the size of the child. The sleeves are with sloping shoulder seams, ie from the shoulder, used to segment, themselves form a part of the cutout.
  3. The overalls is provided at the front to close with yellow fabric buttons.
  4. Now you only need to sew the cap. (You may also buy.)
  5. Now cut out a circle of white fabric and paint with red fabric paint an M on it. Sew the patches on the front of the cap.
  6. Tighten the child brown shoes and white gloves to.
  7. Now only Super Mario mustache. This you makeup with black or dark brown carnival makeup.

Among the "Bros" also includes Luigi - Instructions for a costume

The Super Mario Bros offer naturally as partners trim for two children. Luigi is just as easy to sew as Mario.

  1. For Luigi sew the same overalls like Mario.
  2. While Mario's shirt is red, sew a green long sleeve for Luigi.
  3. Even Luigi Cap sewing green fabric. Instead of a red M paint a green L on the white button of his cap.
  4. Even Luigi wearing brown shoes and white gloves to the costume.
  5. One difference in the appearance of their Schnauzer. While Mario Mustache must be made up in several bends down, Luigi has a beard, which tapers toward pointed to the sides. Check out again the two images in order to make the beard form correctly.
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