Sew tight trousers itself - a guide

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Sew tight trousers itself - a guide

A beautiful trousers for every occasion siepmannH / Pixelio

For women with a short trunk, it is not easy to buy a tight trousers, here's a self-made trousers the best and often the cheaper alternative.

So you can sew a tight trousers itself

  1. Measure the length of your legs, the size of your thighs and very important is of course your hip measurement.
  2. With these measurements, you can expect from now how much fabric you need note here is that on each side for 1 cm seam edging to come, on the waistband above 3 cm happen. Here the elastic waistband is drawn.
  3. Obtain the substance and the right yarn.
  4. Now cut from the fabric 4 parts, the front portions are smaller and the rear 2 parts must be adapted to the buttocks. Here you measure the best of hip bone to hip bone on the back.
  5. Now place the fabric handle and stuck him with enough pin.
  6. Sew the fabric with a large zigzag stitch together, remove the pins and try the trousers carefully.
  7. Now you can make changes by the tight enough to sit with tailor's chalk, mark not in the places you need to do even more narrow or expand externally yet.
  8. Then sew the fabric trousers with a small zigzag stitch.
  9. Take the elastic waist band and cut a matching piece of it off, a little smaller than your hips, but not too small, otherwise even an elastic band is too tight.
  10. Put it on the waistband and then sew the collar, it's best to sew the elastic waistband on back of the fabric with firmly so it does not slip and does not turn in to the wash.
  11. Finally, sew the collar on the legs order ready.

Trousers with sewn web for convenient carrying

Are you boot wearer, sew Just at the bottom of the pants a ridge a whether from scraps of fabric or elastic waistband is up to you.

  • Then measure from ankle to ankle inside out and sew the piece with a few stitches on the waistband down firmly.
  • Please make sure that is the sewn-on bar is not too short, otherwise you slip the pants from top to bottom.
  • Now you can easily pull your boots on the trousers without the pants is always pulled up.
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