Sewer worker - salary, training and professional

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Sewer worker - salary, training and professional

Sewer worker ensure optimum disposal of waste water! Image pixels / Pixelio

are sewage workers in three years

  • Sewer worker or the specialist for pipe, sewer and industrial service gets to the seriousness of his work is not a very high salary. Nevertheless, this occupation can be fun.
  • Access to this training, each with a Hauptschule or middle school.
  • Lessons take place at the vocational school and in companies of industrial cleaning and in company of industrial and public Sewer cleaning service.
  • In three years, the trainees learn the use of machines for cleaning sewers and pipes that transport and storage of goods and materials, preparation of work, compliance with explosion and fire protection measures, the protection of persons and equipment, measures for cleaning know of pipes, sewers, drains and maintenance of pipes and ducts.
  • The training ends with a final examination before the Chamber of Commerce.

Too small salary for the profession

  • Check sewer worker and sewers for leaks. Using special cameras and remote-controlled robots they seal off damaged areas.
  • They also perform in the public sewer system routine checks. Check basin, pipes and gutters for leaks and repair them if necessary.
  • They detect the state of property drainage systems, maintain and clean tanks, pumping stations and filling and dispose of contaminants, deposits and residues.
  • These professionals go with an average salary of approximately € 2,100 home. The income can vary considerably between workers according to marital status, number of children and allowances. stand 12/2012
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