sewing trousers itself - how it works

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sewing trousers itself - how it works

to sew trousers, is not difficult.

Trousers or baggy trousers called are fairly easy for the beginner to sew because they hang loosely around the legs and not have to be tailored tightly. The federal government itself usually holds either a rubber band or bands. For home work or leisure trousers - instead of a normal sweatpants - up trousers are great. Learn how to sew a comfortable pants for the home in a few steps.

A sewing trousers, is not difficult

  1. To sew a trousers, take first a pair of pants that fits you very well from the length and cut her. Put these pants on the trousers-Nähstoff you selected.
  2. With a tailor's chalk this section is easily transmitted directly to the Nähstoff. Include at the seams five centimeters added or ten centimeters, if you want the trousers fall very freely.
  3. To find a suitable waist, please take a tape measure, fix it at one point about a meter and try, in this opening "enter", as if you want to put a pair of pants. Depending on the convenience, then choose the length of the trousers waist. Accordingly, you must correct the waistband of your trousers on the Nähstoff and mark the leg parts to this waist Gradient.
  4. Please check before you cut the fabric, once all the parts. Normally there is a trousers of four parts, each leg is made up of a front portion and a back portion. Sometimes a trousers consists only of two parts, wherein the two leg portions to the side stitching need not be sewn together, since they are already assembled here.
  5. Cut the parts out now.
  6. Sew then, if necessary, the side seams of both legs, right.
  7. Then sew the inseams of the pant legs right sides.
  8. Now do one of the two legs and slide it fit into the other leg into it, so again comes to lie right sides together.
  9. Now you can sew on the left side of the fabric again, right step.
  10. Now you zigzags please overcasting of seams all fabric edges.
  11. Beat Now the waistband around and stitch it down, however, leave an opening through which you can move in a trouser rubber.
  12. Press all edges smooth now and then pull the pants rubber one.
  13. Now you can finally adjust the trouser hem your wishes and stitch the last seam.

If you have never sewn, so you should choose a woven fabric, jersey fabrics (knitted fabrics) are suitable for beginners to trousers sewing not so good.

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