Sexy nose - how to conceal this

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Sexy nose - how to conceal this

Working with the right utensils Claudia Hautumm / Pixelio

So you can conceal the nose

Through proper insertion of certain tones, you can achieve an optical illusion.

  • this, however, you should be clear in advance that even this can not work miracles.
  • You should also pay attention to carefully hide all paint strokes with a large brush, so only contours and no lines occur.
  • The trick is, the nostrils visually highlight, as these detract from the pointed nose.
  • The nose on the other hand it is possible to inconspicuously makeup, what you succeed with bright tones.

The nose makeup properly

  1. Make once for the right foundation. Much makeup makes for dry skin, it is advised to spread a moisturizer under the makeup.
  2. Now apply your makeup as usual. With a concealer, which one or two Töner is lighter than your skin, conceal redness.
  3. Fix your makeup with a light powder.
  4. Now you begin to hide those pointy nose visually. Wear with a thin brush on a fine line with the nude colored eye shadow on the entire nose. Down to the tip of the nose.
  5. Blending this line with a large brush slightly outward.
  6. Now draw directly on the level of your eyes, with the white eye shadow another line.
  7. This run also down to your nose.
  8. Here too it is to blind this line, but not quite as strong as the eyeshadow before.
  9. Now take some of the brown eye shadow and apply it directly to your nostrils on.
  10. As always everything was blinded tidy. Let but now nothing of the dark tone crowded on the bridge of the nose, as it means you forfeit the effect.

More tricks for concealing the pointed nose

One of the best tricks for concealing a pointed nose is to draw attention to other things.

  • So use your eyes in scene so that one admires your eyes and less care of your nose.
  • Use some bronze powder directly on the temples and under the chin. The sunny Touch is far more act as your nose.
  • Apply some jewelry, other clothing or take out your hair something completely new.

The most important rule, however, is: Stay true to yourself. What other does not really stand, should not bother you and what others especially moved to gossip, you should only make proud. No one is perfect. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you will feel comfortable.

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