Shape memory metal - so manages the paperclip trick

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Shape memory metal - so manages the paperclip trick

Make the clip trick. Marit Peters / Pixelio

Important to shape memory metal

  • You need to buy a paper clip of memory metal, the trick is not a conventional paper clip, even with a paper clip, the turn of a commercially available wire.
  • Also shape memory metal alone is not enough, because you have only "program" the metal. For this purpose, the material must be heated to about 500 ° C, so that the corresponding crystal structure is noted.

Trick with the bent paperclip

As mentioned, you need to buy one of these specialty paper clips, because domestic agents you can not establish the special brackets.

  1. The trick itself is simple, you just bend the paper clip, it should confine itself only aufzubiegen the clip and bend any new form. It is also theoretically, if you turn this into a heart, for example, but there is a danger that the form entangled and thus not bend back into shape.
  2. Now you only have to heat the bent paper clip. All you need is a fairly low heat, such as a lighter or a glass vessel with hot water (above 65 ° C). A glass vessel it should be, because otherwise the audience sees that you chamber bends back.

Variations to the staple trick of memory metal

Generally, it is important to give the impression that one would use an ordinary paper clip:

  1. Obtain about 100 clips which see the clip of the shape memory metal very similar.
  2. Let you select a paper clip a spectator. Swap the paperclip secretly against of memory metal.
  3. Bend the paper clip and heat the clip until it again has the correct shape.
  4. Give the audience a the usual staples, of course, without being aware that you have again changed. He should check whether it is the right parenthesis.

So the trick looks natural even more startling. You can bend the clip out of the shape memory metal and turn the normal paperclip, chosen by the audience, as the special bracket. Ask the audience to heat the clip, it will not be harmed. Replace only now the parentheses and heat now the paper clip from the shape memory metal.

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