sharing the drive with Windows 7

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sharing the drive with Windows 7

To partition your hard disk.

Share Windows 7 disk in partitions

A hard disk into several partitions worthwhile. Because you can make of your personal data z. B. for a clear separation of the operating system. Come to have to install the fix, Windows 7 new, your personal documents on another partition of the hard disk are not affected.

Formerly additional programs for sharing the hard flap often still needed. This However, Microsoft has made much easier in Windows 7:

  1. About the Start menu in Windows 7, select the "Control Panel" to.
  2. Now select the "Management" option and following it, "Computer Management".
  3. In the "Computer Management" go to "Disk Management" and thus arrived at the destination.
  4. You now select the disk that you want to share.
  5. If your hard disk have no free space and z. B. completely consist of a partition, you must resize a partition now once. If you still get displayed free space, you can go directly to step nine.
  6. To free up memory for a new part of your disk, click the right mouse button on the partition you want to shrink and select from the context menu "Shrink Volume" from.
  7. Now shows Windows 7 on how much you can shrink this partition. Let but still enough space on the existing drive. Again, you will over time new files will accommodate!
  8. Now that you have determined how much of the existing partition is to be released, you complete this step by clicking on "Zoom".
  9. The standing as "Free Space" to available space, you can now assign a new drive.
  10. Click with the right mouse button on the free space and select from the context menu "New Simple Volume" from.
  11. A wizard then guides you through the creation of the new partition your hard drive. You assign a new drive letter (z. B. D) and determine the file system. This is for Windows 7 NTFS file system standard.

With completion of the wizard you for sharing your hard drive and you have a new drive in the "Explorer" is available.

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