sharpen ceramic knives - so you get it right

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sharpen ceramic knives - so you get it right

Ceramic knives to sharpen best to use a diamond sharpener.

  1. The problem when sharpening a ceramic knife is mainly that the fine parts of the blade tend to break out. So it is generally advisable the knife over to a specialist, if you are not versed halfway craftsmanship. Some manufacturers even offer the free sharpening worn knife.
  2. While for knife steel, ceramic grinder are commercially available and perfectly adequate, you will need to buy a diamond cutter for ceramic knives. A conventional grinding machine for blades is insufficient because it is not sharp enough usually. A diamond cutter is more expensive than a grinder for another knife, but to still an acquisition which is accompanied by none too great expense.
  3. For most ceramic knife extends a 1000 grain for easy sharpening. If a new main ground is needed, one should resort to a smaller grain size (normally one uses a 400 grit). Here you should get the best advice from an expert.

Instructions for grinding a ceramic knife

  1. To sharpen the ceramic knife, hold the knife well and safe in your lead hand. Secure the blade at the best addition to your thumb.
  2. It is important when grinding especially to maintain the correct angle constant. This is the tip of the blade 10 to 15 degrees. Now place the second hand near the cutting edge in order to fix the blade in addition, and run the knife in both directions by the specified angle on the whetstone.
  3. Once you can feel for a small ridge at the top of the cutting edge of the knife, you can continue the grinding process for the blade center. Pull for the knife at a 60 ° angle diagonally across the grindstone. Once you can palpate a ridge here, you can turn to the last part of the blade.
  4. Depending on the size of the grindstone and the knife these steps must be repeated several times. If dust or abrasion on the grinder to fix, you can Blow off after use or wipe with water. If you use water you need to wipe dry the grinder in any case, because it can quickly lead to rust otherwise.
  5. Repeat the process for the back of the blade.
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