Shave with mask - Tips

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Shave with mask - Tips

When Shave help stencil.

Shaven - the different hairstyles

When Shave for the woman's tastes differ greatly. Many like it very smooth, some are on the natural look and still others love the hair in the genital area to trim so that a proper hairstyle is created. It can quickly and easily a narrow strip (called Landing Strip) are shaved or the usual bikini-cut are selected in which only the hair is shaved off at the edges of the pubic area, so nothing looks out of the bikini panties. Of course variations of these pubic hairstyles. For example, some women shave like a heart in the pubic hair, but also a simple triangle, a flash, or an arrow is often chosen. Are helpful for these kinds shaving stencils for shaving.

To succeed in the stencil Shave

  • The actual shaving of hair styles in the pubic region succeeds easily with stencils. These can be purchased at the store or on the Internet in Bikinelle online shop or equal to a complete trim set. These plastic stencils are hung up and then is shaved at the Shave to the plastic around. Optionally, the hair that has not reached the shaver be shortened.
  • Cost-effective it is, however, if you follow the template designed by Print. It is best here if you are printing directly to film. Paper or cardboard patterns on soft shaving and do not guarantee a perfect pattern.
  • To avoid subsequent bumps and redness after shaving, it is advisable to apply a gentle aftershave for women - this disinfected. You can also sprinkle the skin with baby powder. To prevent chafing of the trouser material and prevent redness.
  • Gentle skin is shaving with an electric shaver for women. However, this has the disadvantage that remain still partly standing hair or stubble.
  • For hair removal cream for Mask Shave extreme caution: The cream should never reach the mucous membranes. no matter how convenient it is - It is better if you to depilatory dispensed with intimate depilation is.
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