Shaven - prevent and treat dots

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Shaven - prevent and treat dots

The genital area should be shaved gently. Andreas Morlok / Pixelio

For many people it has become normal to shave the genital area. The shaven has gained acceptance as a fashion and hygiene standards. But the skin is in the area below the belt extremely sensitive, which is why there are often small red dots to the affected area after shaving. These may itch and become inflamed. Below you can read how you can avoid the occurrence of dots and treat them in an emergency.

To avoid rash after Shave

So that it does not come only at the red dot, a shaven should always be carried out as gently as possible.

  • it, to shave the genital area in the shower or in the bath is best, because too dry shaving irritates the skin.
  • In addition, you should always use a fresh and clean razors. A dirty or dull razor is never advisable.
  • In addition, you should always use a gentle shaving gel or shaving cream for sensitive skin when shaven.
  • After shaving, you should dab the genital area gently with a towel and then grease the shaved area with a nourishing cream.
  • Baby products have generally been found in the body shaved as very beneficial agent. Enter on the affected areas so baby powder or baby skin lotion.
  • Then enter only soft materials, so as not to irritate the skin further. So should not have red dots appear.

treat dots after Shave

If, unfortunately, is emerging a rash, you should treat it immediately if you notice him.

  • It is important now that do not ignite the red dots. It can not hurt it, if you are using for the time being for showering an antibacterial soap.
  • You should also maintain particularly affected by the eruption sites.
  • For this now is a soothing skin cream - for example, a cream containing chamomile.
  • If the dots are a little subsided, you can provide your skin with an aloe vera-containing cream on. Aloe Vera is basically good for the skin and helps it to regenerate.

Generally if you shave regularly, your skin will get used to it. Eventually the annoying rash will no longer occur.

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