Sheet music for flute - so you get a better gaming experience

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Sheet music for flute - so you get a better gaming experience

Game Technically the flute is certainly the lightest of the woodwinds.

to read music

  • First, you should familiarize yourself with the staff. So a scale is an ordered sequence of according to certain laws Tonschriften. Countless musical cultures of the world, of course, have different series of tones and clay molds. In Europe, with the flute, the familiar tone series of "major and minor scale" played.
  • The sequence and the position of the sign of the notes, please refer to the "Quinten quart circle". Outside the circle, the major scale is entered, the inner minor scale.
  • The "theoretical" behind the notes represents a sweaty but very important writing which you should acquire. With textbooks or material on the Internet, you should practice the notes read. Then you can work on it liquid playing on the flute.

Exercises for Flute

  • The most common way to learn a better gaming experience, it is to play scales on the flute. Start with C major and play several times the scale at a rapid pace up and down. Then, go to A minor, F major, D minor and so on. A staggering 26 scales in major and minor to available!
  • Around the scale you can bring closer the liquid playing on the flute small rhythmic exercises, as well as notes from folklore and classical. Build targeted a wide variety of exercise.
  • On note paper you can create your own exercises for flute. Take advantage of this, different elements of the Note label.
  • Practice playing on the flute with different note values. The duration of a sound is expressed by the form of notes: whole, half, quarter, eighth, sixteenth and thirty-second notes.
  • Play exercises with dotted impact scores (also dotted quarter note called). The point behind the note or break extended their intrinsic value by half.
  • Different clock forms: 3/4 time, 2/4 time, 6/8 time. In this way you practice it maintain the right rhythm.
  • Practice triplets. Through a tripartite division of the quarter note entsteh a triplet, which is marked with a small 3 in sheet music.
  • The syncope is a good exercise to be able to play smoothly flute. Syncope is formed by combining a light and subsequent serious stroke part.
  • The scale has been used in folk song or in the Classic. As an exercise, may thus, for example, a "Gavotte" by Handel or notes from the string quartet by Beethoven on the flute spielen.Formularende
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