Shock wave therapy - Explanation of function

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Shock wave therapy - Explanation of function

Shock wave therapy can relieve pain.

Shock wave therapy - how it works

  • The shock wave therapy, be equated with the shock wave therapy, has been used for more than 30 years. High-energy shock waves are directed to a specific area. This compression of the shock wave causes solids, such as lime dissolve. These are ground into fine particles, which then absorb the blood and the body can naturally degrade.
  • Surrounding tissue, such as blood vessels, nerves and tendons, are not damaged.

When the shock wave therapy used is

  • First the shock wave therapy has been used exclusively for lithotripsy. Years later, it was discovered for orthopedics as a treatment method.
  • In orthopedics, thus diseases such as poorly healing fractures, calcific, heel spurs, tendon calcification, tennis elbow, poorly healing wounds and diabetic foot treated.
  • Here is the focused ultrasound under first area to be treated exactly. This is then usually characterized with a pin, so then take the shock waves exactly the right area. The treatment head is placed on the skin and there is a loud noise. Here, a pounding sensation is felt. Treatment can sometimes be a little painful. However, the time is only between two and five minutes.
  • Before the next treatment, the treatment area is again precisely focuses the ultrasound machine.
  • After the shock wave treatment, it can lead to pain exacerbation. Even the dissolution of the calcium deposit, which is the goal of treatment so can be quite painful. The lime can be absorbed by the body and then degraded.
  • Unfortunately, the cost of that care be taken not by the statutory health insurance, at least as regards the orthopedic treatment. You should so be sure to inquire in advance from your insurance.
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