Short hairstyles from 50 - gray hair skillfully set the scene

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Short hairstyles from 50 - gray hair skillfully set the scene

Even gray hair is worth seeing.

Short haircuts for women over 50 - suggestions and tips

Trendy short hairstyles are not necessarily only tolerable if you color your gray hair at the same time also. White or gray hair can be very upbeat, sporty or elegant with the right haircut.

  • A haircut should of course be taken to type always fits. Furthermore, the quality of the hair play an important role in the selection of the hairstyle. Let therefore sufficient from your hairdresser advice which hair styles are wearable for you.
  • Do not wear your hair too short. This can quickly become strictly act in a more sedate age.
  • Since gray hair dry and brittle than color, are so-called "Strubbellooks" optimal for gray hair. Here the sides and neck are kept short and the hair left longer on top of the head, so you can style it tousled with gel.
  • If you want to wear your hair longer, so a pre-classified Bob you qualify for. This will be classified in the neck and the side length ends up to the amount of the chin. This gives the average volume and Pep.
  • Also asymmetrically cut short hairstyles are suitable for gray hair. One side is in this case completely cut ear open and the other side is left slightly longer. The skull remains this stage and matching the cut can be an oblique fringe wear well.
  • Refrain from wearing a perm. This leaves women appear quite fast somewhat older from 50th Should you not want to do without a perm, so you can choose a light version, which can blow well until smooth.

Possible variants for color eyecatcher

The desire for color effects in the hairstyle is quite legitimate for women beyond the 50th Trendy Short Haircuts obtained by color effects that certain something and individual sections of hair can be characterized highlight.

  • Wear the haircut is relatively short, with possibly an upstanding Pony, this hairstyle looks particularly nasty when the pony is colored in a darker color.
  • In an asymmetric haircut can the longer game highlight by one or two block strands are incorporated.
  • Also colored subtle strands blank pigment loose hair in a vivid light. Many fine strands here are particularly suitable for cuts in Boblänge.

Primarily, you should feel comfortable and they like to wear with your hair, however.

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