Shortcrust - baking time and preparation

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Shortcrust - baking time and preparation

Use a pastry board for Mürbeteigzubereitung.

The shortcrust preparation - first steps

The short pastry is often simply called the "Knead dough" is made quickly and easily. He is one of the light dough recipes. Since it contains a lot of butter and quickly stick to its underground remains, prepare it best on a pastry board or on a large sheet of baking paper on the work surface.

  1. Put the flour on a pastry board, make a well in the center and add a pinch of salt and a little grated lemon rind that belongs in every pie, therein.
  2. The butter should be soft, because you can incorporate best when it is now distributed in soft flakes over the flour.
  3. Finally, disconnect the egg yolks from the egg whites and add the egg yolks in the bowl and add the sugar. Then knead the ingredients best hand.
  4. Interrupt the kneading, when all the ingredients have blended together halfway, and add the milk and the baking powder. It is best to also shape them as well and work the milk spoonful at a.
  5. Knead until the dough has become a homogeneous mass. He is strong enough, if it dissolves readily in kneading from the board.
  6. The baking time of Mürbeteigs however varied, so usually no baking time specified in the recipes for Grundteigarten.

The baking time of Mürbeteigs - that you should be aware

The baking time of Mürbeteigs varies because it depends on the size of the biscuits. Shortcrust is used more generally for flan, tarts, biscuits, sweet biscuits and for much.

  • Each of these pastries has different cooking and baking times because small biscuits are done quickly as tarts and rolled out thin Christmas cookies are baked fastest.
  • So Take in your baking recipes on the specified baking time, which should always there are. Because of the short pastry does not contain a lot of liquid, it is generally fast even.
  • Generally you can remember very roughly that Christmas cookies need 8-10 minutes, an apple pie in a springform pan, however approximately 35-40 minutes, a covered cherry cake on a plate on the other hand only 30 minutes. This is because that is slightly thinner rolled out on the sheet of dough.
  • And of course it comes with the baking time also depends on the heat settings. Cherry pie gets a "good heat", currant cake because of the small fruits only "moderate heat". So both can be finished within 30 minutes.

Good luck in baking!

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