Show battery percentage - Samsung Galaxy S2

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Show battery percentage - Samsung Galaxy S2

The battery, you can have a look at the Samsung Galaxy S2 in percent.

let battery percentage display

The battery level you can display in percent for Samsung Galaxy S2 only with the correct firmware. You need is at least Android 4.0.4.

  • Default is only a small mark in the upper corner of the screen. To display the percentage, you need to set this additional menu that.
  • Proceed to "Applications". Try searching the "Settings" button and click it.
  • Then select the item "Display". Here you can define different display formats.
  • Look for the item "Battery status in percent". Click the finger at the empty box behind the point and activate the function of the percentage indicator on your Samsung Galaxy S2.
  • Now takes next to the battery indicator are the percentage. If this is not the case, remove the hook again and put it once again. You can also start the smartphone again. Thus, the problem should be solved.

Use an app in Samsung Galaxy S2

  • The function of the percentage display there until the Android version 4.0.4, but you still have other options. In Google Play Store a lot of apps are available that you can download on the Samsung Galaxy S2 and with which you can display the battery charge show in percent.
  • A very good app, which will be assessed in the Play Store with five stars, Battery Indicator is. With this free application you can put widgets on the Home screen, which you can read the percentage level of the battery. The app also offers other interesting functions such as the display of the temperature, the speed of loading and unloading, etc. The download is free.
  • Also a percentage display delivers the free app battery info. This app provides information similar to Battery Indocator also charge cycles, duration of loading or unloading, and much more. They will be evaluated on the Play Store with five stars.
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