Show Finished PowerPoint presentations via projector - how it works

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Show Finished PowerPoint presentations via projector - how it works

use a projector for PowerPoint presentations

prepare presentations via a beamer

To play back your presentations via a projector, you need to connect it properly first to your computer or your laptop:

  1. For this, you first would have to optionally turn on your computer or laptop, which you want to use for PowerPoint presentations.
  2. Plug the VGA or DVI cable to your projector and then connect the other end to your PC / Laptop. If you should only have a VGA output from your PC / laptop and characterized the DVI cable then does not fit, you would have to either buy a DVI-to-VGA adapter or a DVI / VGA cable.
  3. Turn your projector on and wait a few seconds.
  4. Normally, your computer or your laptop should detect the projector as output or display device. If this is not the case, you could hold the laptop function key "Fn" and then press the Shift key for the monitor, which is often the "F5" and sometimes "F8". They recognize the right key by a symbol with at least one screen. Depending on how often you press the key combination, the display will only appear on your monitor or on the projector or on both devices either. Alternatively, you could right-click on your desktop, click "Properties" (Windows XP) or "Screen Resolution" (Windows Vista / 7) and click on XP right in the tab switch "settings". In "Display" you can select the projector from device for output.

Show Finished PowerPoint presentation

Once you have laptop or computer connected to the projector, you can play the finished presentation with a few clicks:

  1. This would require the first launch PowerPoint, if you have not already done so.
  2. Open then optionally the finished PowerPoint presentation, what you can do quickly and easily with the key combination Ctrl + O. The letter "O" stands for "open", ie for "Open.
  3. Then you need to restart only your presentation, what you can do either via the menu item "slide show" or by using the "F5" key.

Now your presentation is projected and you can operate as usual, so jump with the arrow keys to the next or previous slide.

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