Show on Facebook open friend requests - how it works

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Show on Facebook open friend requests - how it works

Stay connected online with friends.

An open friend request on Facebook

If you want to determine which open friend requests you still have to answer to Facebook, then sign in first in your account.

  1. This takes you to your normal home. If you do not charge the normal Facebook home or are not sure, then click the top right of the button "Home". You will be taken to the homepage.
  2. Links under your photo is a gray button "favorites".
  3. Default under "favorites" can be found as a fourth sub-item "Friends" - in front of two people profiles (head and neck) are ready.
  4. Now click on "Find a Friend" link. It opens the "friends" window.
  5. Directly above is now "requests". Among all people are listed who have sent a friend request to you.

How do you make a selection for the requests

Among the requests on Facebook are active friend requests and suggestions.

  1. Active friend requests you recognize the fact that you can respond with "Confirm" or "not now", just click on the appropriate button to the right of photo and name of the person.
  2. Then there are the suggestions of your friends. This means that a person from your existing Freundschaftskreis another person that you know and love might also be, has proposed.
  3. You then have the option to say "Add friend" or "Ignore".
  4. Usually you the first four friend requests are shown on the first page.
  5. Among these people, see the "Show all ... requests". Since then is, for example, "Show all 6 requests".
  6. Clicking this button will be displayed with each listed all friend requests.
  7. You now have to respond to the selection by clicking, for example, "Confirm".
  8. The friendship request is then confirmed and a button appears after the name of the person with check mark behind the "Friends" is.
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