Shrink files - so zipping right

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Shrink files - so zipping right

With zipped folder, you can manage files and archive.

Here you will find instructions on how to create a zipped folder to "My Computer". Note: The following instructions apply to the WINZip program. If you use another program, call up the wizard for this program, by opening it and press the F1 key.

To zip files

  1. Start your workstation by double-clicking and then open the folder in which a zipped folder is to be created (for example, the root folder of drive C).
  2. Select this folder via the menu "File", "New" the ZIP-compressed folder.
  3. Enter a name for your ZIP folder and confirm your entry by pressing Enter. Your new ZIP folder will be visible as a folder icon with a zipper.
  4. Now you can move your want to shrink the amount of data in your ZIP folder. This works just like normal files. You can drag or copy the files in the compressed folder. If there is to be equal to an entire folder, simply click with the right mouse button on the to be reduced folder and select the drop-down menu, select "Send to", it will open another menu where you "zip compressed click folder ".
  5. Perform a double click on the ZIP folder and select the "File" menu to add a password. In the Password box, you can enter your desired password, then click "ok" to.
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