Sic itur ad astra - Informative

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Sic itur ad astra - Informative

The stars were already a major attraction for Virgil.

For many students Latin is an elective course, which almost inevitably end up eventually on the timetable. While some extremely light falls due to its logic, can just students who are gifted in other languages, often are not needed with Latin and choose it as quickly as possible again. Nevertheless, there are Latin phrases that actually everyone knows - "In vino veritas" for example. "Sic itur ad astra" is not quite as well known, but has a nice meaning.

Sic itur ad astra - Origin and Translation

  • "Sic itur ad astra" - this phrase calls in Virgil's Aeneid Apollo to the young warriors Ascanius after he killed an opponent. The translation of this sentence is somewhat moot.
  • Translated literally it correctly, the result is: "So is gone to the stars", because the original Latin is a passive construction. In German, such a design may sound but not very cleverly, so the sentence is often remodeled a bit.
  • It uses "would", what to German is quite possible in the transfer of passive constructions, and already the sentence sounds better: "So you go to the stars" or, somewhat translated freelance: "So you climb to the stars . "
  • Apollos rate suggests that many Roman heroes are immortalized in the night sky, he has a hero So one way to heaven, a path to the divine. So this sentence has a very solemn and beautiful meaning which is often used in the United States.

The use in the United States

Often the phrase is shortened in the US, so that only "ad astra", ie are "to the stars" remains. This slogan was used, among other things from the Air Force Academy, but is also popular with many high schools. The long form "Sic itur ad astra" is the motto of the city of Richmond in Virginia and the Air Force in neighboring Canada. NASA also refers to publications love to return to Virgil or Apollos famous words.

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