Side blind properly applied - Instructions

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Side blind properly applied - Instructions

Side blinds offer protection against the sun is low. fisch777 / Pixelio

Fundamental to side blinds

Page Blinds differ in the functioning of other hardly blinds.

  • You get a cassette in which a web is wound on a shaft. A spring ensures that the material slides back onto the shaft, if desired. In addition, this spring keeps the fabric in tension.
  • These cartridges are mounted vertically, most models are 180 cm high. The web is thus moved away horizontally from the cartridge. This is most 300 cm long.
  • Thus, the blind remains stretched, you need to mount it at the desired distance. You will also receive a post provided, which is mounted at the desired distance.
  • The blind can due to design provide only limited protection from the wind. Here, the shade is all the more sensitive to wind, the further it is pulled out. You must keep in mind in these models.

So the shade is mounted

  1. You need on the wall a minimum area of ​​180 cm height and 10 cm width. They dowels to the holder on the wall. The supplied dowels and screws are not suitable for all walls, it may be that you need additional mounting hardware.
  2. For the post you need a small square on the ground, there must be no obstacles between the post and the mounting surface at home.
  3. The attachment of the post via a mounting plate which must be bolted to a solid base. If you do not have a concrete floor in the area where you need a different mounting option, for example, a ground spike.
  4. Note that the loads are greater, the longer the side blind is extended. It could be that you have to wind down the post in addition with ropes.
  5. If the holder 2 are securely mounted to the cartridge and also the post is, it's easy. You now need to mount and take off the side blind only in the two holders. Hang it then the post a.
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