Siemens Gigaset ISDN - About Your powerful phone

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Siemens Gigaset ISDN - About Your powerful phone

The Siemens Gigaset ISDN there are different versions.

However, you can choose between cordless and corded with such a system. The Siemens Gigaset ISDN provides both possibilities. The phones offer some additional features that are suitable for you as private users as well as for professional use. Below you will find information about both types of such a plant.

The corded Gigaset ISDN - technical details

  • The device has a large color screen which makes operation much easier.
  • The base station can be increased to 6 additional handsets, which makes the system just for the office sector very interesting.
  • The three integrated easily configurable voicemail are another highlight of the system.
  • The connected handsets have outdoors over a range of up to 300 meters and in enclosed buildings with such of 50 meters.
  • With this device you can manage up to 750 phone entries. It features a set announcement. You can also choose to have 6 different announcements individually.

The cordless Gigaset

  • Even cordless Siemens Gigaset ISDN has some of what makes it really attractive. Thus, the base station can be equipped with six other handsets here.
  • The integrated answering machine can record messages up to 30 minutes in length.
  • You can store up to 10 telephone numbers, so that an individual phone number is available for each family member.
  • With a special pin, it is possible that you dial an external telephone in your system to record outgoing calls or access incoming messages to delete or save.
  • The illuminated color display enables operation in almost any lighting situation.
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