Sigma Sport BC 301 - a user manual

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Sigma Sport BC 301 - a user manual

Even modern speedometer are good to use.

The Sigma Sport BC 301 is good for athletic skiers

  • If you have decided on the Sigma Sport BC 301, you should refer to the manual, you should have for some reason no longer, ask the dealer to or download them from the Internet.
  • The cycle computer is provided in the package with the mounting material, consisting of the computer itself and the front wheel sensor, still there are rubber rings for fastening on the handlebar.
  • Note that you can have problems with an e-bike, because the fork to a too thick to install the sensor correctly and, secondly, because the radio signal can be disturbed by the commissioning of the electric motor. Your Sigma Sport BC 301 could display incorrect or no values.
  • The distance of the sensor on the fork and the sensor on the spoke (is clipped) must not be more than 5mm. This allows you to adjust with spacers. When handling a fork that is also given during compression.

To apply this manual on

  • The most important criterion for correct display of the actual distance driven is the correct entering the wheel. You can measure as follows: Make a chalk line on the floor and make the wheel closely, it's best to remember the valve position or make a chalk mark on the mantle. Make an entire revolution of the wheel, and then measure the second line, how long is the piece.
  • Now there are in the instruction manual of Sigma Sport BC 301 is a table for converting. This value must then enter for guidance.
  • Explore why before opening to how the system works, and place the new battery handle, because then you do that easily.
  • If your Sigma Sport BC 301 you can delete the user's guide even the daily mileage that persist total kilometers, even when changing the battery, if you are fast enough, as described above.
  • Setting the time and the other additional functions via the SET button, you need to hold down longer until the digits flash for entering numbers. SET to exit the menu again also, and the numbers are fixed.
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