Sign into YouTube - Here's how

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Sign into YouTube - Here's how

Sign in to YouTube easily and quickly go.

YouTube belongs since 2006 to Google. Creating an account at YouTube so bring a sign into Google with it. You can with your login consequently Google services (eg iGoogle, Picasa) avail, but need not.

fill YouTube application form

  1. Go to the YouTube homepage. Top right click, select "Create Account".
  2. You'll come to the page "Getting started with your account". You first enter your valid e-mail address and then select your own username. If your username is already used by another member, you get a hint and alternative proposals. Select one of the alternatives or consider switching to a completely different name.
  3. Then choose a place, your birthday and your gender. If you would be found by users want, make a hook in the box below, where you click on it. Repeat the procedure with the next box if you wish to receive YouTube Product Notes.
    Do you want to set the hook again remove, you can do so by simply clicking.
  4. Below are the YouTube Terms of Service, Google and the privacy policies are made available. These are highlighted in blue and can be opened by clicking on each. (About the "Back" button of your browser to return to the registration form, if you are not located in a newly opened window.) Do you agree with the rules and you have checked all your details again, click "I agree to "at the end of the form.

Sign in to YouTube / Google

  1. You automatically come to the side "a new YouTube / Google Create Account". Under the heading "Create your Google Account" You will find your user name and e-mail address. Next, choose a password at least 8 characters. Below the input field shows a bar, how safe this is. Have a safe option that you can remember, found, enter the password for confirmation in the next field again.
  2. A check box is selected following the "Web History". This Google service archives your Internet activity (eg searches) to you to make appropriate offers. not Want this or are you unsure, remove the hook by clicking.
  3. In the last field "security question" the code in an (a slightly distorted image with letters and / or numbers). This merely serves to distinguish people of computer programs that could create mass accounts. Check all information provided and then click "Create my new account". You will receive an email in which you have to click a link to activate your account and verify your e-mail address.

You are now registered with YouTube and can log in with your username and password on the home page top right under "Login". You will also receive a welcome email in which you explain the first steps.

Discover and use YouTube

YouTube, as self-proclaimed "world's largest video community", not only the presentation and watching videos, but also a forum where you can get in touch with like-minded people, exchange ideas and share can and world of information and news on YouTube can participate.

  • If you sometimes just want to search for a specific video and watch, because you hear from friends and acquaintances of them, or if you just need information, it is not absolutely necessary, therefore register separately on YouTube.
  • If you only want to watch videos without you want to participate in conversation with other users, or even upload videos on the platform and thus want to make visible to everyone online, then reaches the normal call of the page and you can move freely.
  • But if you are considering your own recordings upload their to network with like-minded people in the forum or durable to use certain settings on the page, such as Set Favorites, adjust video size, etc., then it is necessary to log on and advance by registering your own account invest.

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