Sign residence as a second home - so it'll work as a student

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Sign residence as a second home - so it'll work as a student

Second home just sign

To enter the residence as a second home to

  1. To specify the new student residence as a second home, you should first go to the registration office in your current hometown.
  2. You indicate that you have now made a second home in another city and would like to leave this app.
  3. The registration office will also give you a few documents to which you are transferring your new address. All you need is the new street name, house number and your new postal code.
  4. Now you have to register your student residence as a second home.

The advantage of registering a second home is that you do not need a new identity card and the offices do not have to know about your new address.

Sign residence as principal residences

  • Most students city is a major city as the home town. Many cities require nowadays second home tax, that is, you must pay taxes to the city in which your residence is located. Enquire before Re-register if a second home tax is due even in your city.
  • Even if you refer BAföG, you are not exempt from the second home tax and have to pay as well.
  • In such cases, it is worthwhile to report the location of the residence as a principal residence if the hometown requires no second home tax.
  • So go to the registration office in the new city, and specify that you want to be reported here now, but however want to import your original place of residence as a second home.
  • In your passport, a change is glued to your address and you only need to specify the new address.
  • The cancellation by the original city accepts the registration office.
  • However, you should log after each move at the latest after four weeks or specify a second home, because otherwise it may happen that you have to pay a fine.
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