Silence Monastery - towards a relaxing holiday

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Silence Monastery - towards a relaxing holiday

Calm can do on a holiday well. Gerd Altmann / Pixelio

What you should know Silencing Monastery

  • Some religious communities are still religious. These include the Carthusians, with this medal belongs silence generally for everyday, interrupted sometimes by hours, may be where spoken.
  • Other religious communities know quiet days or weeks, is where not spoken. This is not a pure silence monastery but also a way this kind to make the experience.
  • It is about peace, silence, contemplation and reflection. You will also find no radio or television in silence monastery. You must be expected even a mobile phone, Walkman or having to give the MP3 player.
  • Almost all monasteries offer the opportunity to take residence in times of mental distress there and in time to live in the community, which has nothing to do with a tourist stay in a monastery.
  • Some monasteries offer the possibility to be included as a guest, you can then participate in the monastic life usually only in a certain context. There are usually a meditation offer.

Holidays in the convent

  • Monastery holiday, whether in silence monastery or in another monastery, is very different from the usual holiday offers. stay cheap during the day sightseeing, then disco and the monastery is not a Kloster vacation and will not only be completed quickly in silence monastery.
  • On the other hand, you must usually take no vow of silence and are free to decide for themselves whether you would like to live in silence monastery, but you have to respect the silence and may not bother the silent ones.
  • Many monasteries offer various types of Kloster holiday but specifically in silence monastery with pretty strict rules.
  • If you are planning a vacation in silence monastery, you can apply directly to a monastery or better of one of monasteries, which specialize in guest appeal. You need to plan usually always a long time in advance and make a request. A Koster is not a hotel, and guests looking mostly something out.

You can also very extreme live as a hermit on time and spend some time alone, rather than in a conventional silent monastery.

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