Silver fishing lure - you can make the case properly

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Silver fishing lure - you can make the case properly

Especially in the bathroom silverfish settle like.

Silver fishing lure placing useful

Silver fish bait can be bought in supermarkets and drugstores. It is a small box, which by attractants brings the disturbing insects to take poison to yourself and to die on the spot. If no deviating manufacturer details exist, you can keep in setting up the event to the following rules:

  • Place the bait in the vicinity of the point at which they have discovered the animals. At least the bait box in the same room should be located so that the animals are lured quickly as possible and eat the poison.
  • It makes sense to a placement that you not interfere in your daily life. Therefore, you should not put in the middle of the room, but rather in one of the corners of the room, the bait box better.
  • Especially where a more humid climate prevails, for example in the bathroom, a placing of bait worth. Because here the animals are found increasingly.

The silver fish bait remain incidentally usually effective for several weeks. However, the time will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and can be found on the product packaging.

Be careful when handling the bait

Think in use because a silver bait fish usually contains toxins that can be harmful to children and pets. Therefore, it is advisable to prepare the bait box out of their reach.

  • This can occur, for example, that make the bait well below a shelf or cabinet.
  • Since silverfish are also able to climb walls, you can also place the bait box at a greater height, which is inaccessible to children and pets.
  • It is also possible, always place the silver fish bait in the evening and to keep the door of the room concerned then firmly closed so that neither Pets are even small children come into contact with the poison by mistake.
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