Silver Wedding Games - so you entertain an older society

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Silver Wedding Games - so you entertain an older society

After 25 years of marriage we celebrate the silver wedding.

Games for marriage anniversary

Games at weddings are common. Therefore you can also silver weddings or on other family celebrations bring games. Older people especially excited this because often is after a while at a party a little "out of air" the.

  • Matching silver wedding games should be tailored especially to the pair with the marriage anniversary. This should be the focus.
  • Call the couple forward and be set on 2 chairs. The couple should sit so that their backs face each other - they therefore can not see. Now enter the two signs with "Yes" and "No" in the hand.
  • Ask should know matters relating to the couple, and the partners from the other. The pair was then holding the sign with "Yes" or "No" to the top. Depending on what questions to ask, which can provide some good laughs.
  • You can ask, for example: "snore your partner at night" or "Would you marry your partner again?" or "Do you still fits in your wedding dress?". Here the imagination knows no boundaries. The whole course should be taken with humor and not so serious.

invent silver wedding games

Invent Just a few new wedding games. Some suggestions might be:

  • Access the couple at home. Turn a small film in the house. Ask then to questions such as "What was on the kitchen table?" or "What color had the curtains in the living room?" Simple question games are always popular.
  • Or prepare a small challenge for the couple. This, too, is always fun. Let come up small disciplines in which the silver wedding couple playing against each other. This may be, for example, throwing a ball into a bucket or as soon as possible to other a painter coverall and take off. Stop this time.

There are endless silver wedding games that can be modified in various ways. Enjoy the celebration!

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